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click to see large versionPCSX2 0.95

PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator for Windows XP, Vista and Linux . PCSX2 has a good compatibility with playstation games. PCSX2 supports English (default), Spanish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), SwedishGerman, Dutch, Greek, and Turkish. You will need a powerfull PC to run this at a decent speed so prepare at least a Pentium 4, 512MB RAM and Windows XP. PCSX2 is currently best Playstation 2 emulator and so it is highly recommended.

Recommendation for Pentium Dual Core owners:
If you own a Pentium D, go to Config -> CPU and check Multi threaded GS mode (MTGS) and Dual Core Mode (DC) for better performance

PCSX2 Features:
- Good emulation speed.
- PS2 Save states.
- Full screen gameplay.
- Full sound support on PC.
- DirectX Joystick support.
- JPG screenshots capture.
- BMP screenshots capture.
- Memory card support
(check folder memcards).
- Multi-language.
- Load multi-disc games
- Updates Online
- Multiplayer support

PS2 emulator nsx2   nSX2 - the first working (still in beta) PS2 Emulator for PC


click to see large version...the beginning

In the beginning of August, I read the DVD of ISO with my PC ( I really love this game ) and I found a file - don't remember exactly the name - wich contain the source in assembler of the game. I started to study this file. I cleaned some comment. I started to write a interpreter in REBOL - a great very easy language but very slow - .
To go faster, I rewrite the interperter in C.
This program read each line and interprete the opcode already dissambler.
After some succes , I decide to rewrite the entire interprter with a dissambler.
I restart from scratch 2 or 3 times because of bad initial solutions. I chose QNX because the help is VERY well done.
Finally I made an interprter wich seems to run. nSX2 was born.

PS3 Chips

The new generation of PlayStation 3 USB Jailbreak Mod-Chips for playing copied PS3 isos from the internal hdd or an external USB Hard Drive. PS3 Backup Manager tool. PS3HUB with built in USB-hub for connecting external Hard Drives and not taling up extra ports on the PS3. No need to unplug.

PS3 Backup Manager Jailbreak chip

...the emu

I decide to release this emu under the GNU license.
I try to make a portable emulator.
I want to create a community of people who can help me in developing this emu.
If you see the source, I use only standard C for better compatibility with other OS.
I chose gcc and the SDL lib for the same reasons.

I'm trying to make a clean code ( and sometimes commented ) so if you make change try to comment your changes.
If you are very interested in developing this emu and if you don't understand what I did, mail me I'll try to explain.

For info, French is my natural language.
I have a work so I can't spend all my time on this emu but all my free time is for this project.
You can read an interview of me Here done by Ben-J of Consollection.

You can contact me : [email protected]

NEW ! WIP Gui Win 32 API Update  Myth 01/04/2003 @ 11:20

  Another wip update,we've been working lately on windows api gui for next
  release,and it progressing nicely ,as u can see on this shot :)

 And for all people wondering how to run isos with nsx2 0.7,here is small and
  simple guide.

  Download Guide

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NEW ! SIF Plugin Update  Shadowpri 21/03/2003 @ 22:15

  This time it's update to SIF plugin for NSX2 and other PS2 emulators.
  Download binary
  Download source
- Added support for newly released CDVD plugins,Xeven and Moby.
  Just put them in the /plugin folder .
- Fixed things here and there.

 Last,but not least,Happy Birthday to shadow and florin (authors of pcsx2) :)

 Update n2
  I updated links with new version 0.03,read _ReadMe.txt for whats new.

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NEW ! NeutrinoSX 0.07 Release  Shadowpri 16/03/2003 @ 23:00


  A lot of things have been added to this release ( for a complete list , see the Readme.txt ),
  the most important , nsx2 begin to emulate the micromode and the macromode of the VU.
  Ah yes , if you want to try ISO , you have to extract ( manually ) the .elf before Loading
  the ISO.
  If you don't understand nothing up to this sentence, don't even try to mail us :)
  We promise do better things in the Future.

  Want to talk about the Future ?
  We decided to take some time for the next release .
  We decided to focus on unimplemented opcodes, and missing parts of the emulator  and
prolly use the Win32 API for the GUI.

  Thanks to my team.
  Thanks to all other people who contact us and help us.


 Important: for running 0.07 you need to download gtk runtime on this link

 NeutrinoSX2 Source PSP Emulator .
  NeutrinoSX2 Win32 Binary


NEW ! WIP shots update by Shadowpri 10/03/2003 @ 22:30


  click to see large version  click to see large version
  Firsts commercial games start to work on Nsx2 ! Those shots are loading screens of infamous Mortal Kombat 5 and Blade 2 . Expect new release of Nsx2 soon :)

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NEW ! WIP shots update by Shadowpri 1/03/2003 @ 16:30


  click to see large version  click to see large version

  click to see large version  click to see large version

  This week shots is Matrix,Blend,Sphera and MAME . Special thanks to asadr for finally adding screenshot function in GSmax plugin :)

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NEW ! WIP shots update by Shadowpri 17/02/2003 @ 10:05


  click to see large version  click to see large version

More demos works , here is nice shots from JOMommaz demo using Gstaris OpenGL plugin . We will update you with news and shots about progress each week hopefully ,untill release of new version sometime next month :).

We need help in porting Nsx2 to Linux and other Os's.If you're intrested in porting it,don't hesitate to contact us.

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NEW ! WIP shots and site update by myth le 08/02/2003 @ 11:03


  click to see large version  click to see large version

  click to see large version  click to see large version&

  Those shots are from PSMS emulator for PS2, running in nsx2!
  Now you can play Sega Master System and Game Gear roms on this emulator
  Also we updated links page with new link to good site with many Public Domains
  roms and demos for PS2 and many other consoles.

  Posted By Myth


NEW ! neutrinoSX 0.06 released by muad le 06/02/2003 @ 10:35


 I want to say a big thanks to [Myth] for creating new site design & that Myth  
  will now be the webmaster of nSX2 Website. I also want to thank Shadow
  Prince for helping out thanks :)

 Version 0.06 info: More than 30 PS2 Demos working
  For full list of changes go to history page or view readme in the archive.

  Important: for running 0.06 you need to download gtk runtime on this link



NEW ! Happy New Year & v0.05 by muad le 02/01/2003 @ 10:10


  About nSX2 0.04, KarLKoX send me the linux version (screenshot ,src and bin).

  I decide to release the v0.05 PS2 chips.
  It is a GTK version Work In Progress. I didn't use the SDL. For Win32 user , you 
  must download the GTK runtime (see Readme.txt)
  With this version, you can use the GS pluggins.
  (tested with GSsoftdx and GStaris )

  Thanks Absolute0 for sending me some betas pluggin. (see screenshots section)

  If you want some demos for testing purpose
  go to and download the
  'Sony Playstation 2' archive.
  It 's a french site with a lot of public domain roms ( Hi Ben-J )

  I need a web master. I can't update my site, coding, answering mail, post 
  messages on message board.
  I know some people send me stuff and idea.I thanks all this people.
  I really need You now PS2 mods.



NEW ! neutrinoSX 0.04 released by muad le 27/11/2002 @ 14:47 

 In this release, I fix some errors but the main improvement is the speed. ( see 
  the readme in archive for details ).

  Go to the download section for ...euh download.

  I have some people to thanks.
  First, M."Fxtech" P who send me very important docs and files ( without you,
  nothing possible ).
  And Claus Windeler for the BeOS version of nSX2 0.03 .

  Thanks Again to these guys and all other.

 You can post comments/ideas on this Message Board.


NEW ! neutrinoSX2 v0.03 released by muad le 14/10/2002 @ 14:45 

 CHANGES v0.03:
  -Internal Plugin GS 0.4 by the PCSX2 team
  -some FPU opcodes
  -some opcodes
  -Stupid Bug in SLT
  -Stupid Bug in ( bad read of elf file )
  -first release with a mini GUI : It's a simple GUI with partial user interaction.
  --F1 : Pause the Emu
  --F2 : Resume the Emu
  --F3 : Display Debug Info
  -Replace the INIAPI by INIPARSER


NEW ! So... by muad le 27/09/2002 @ 15:10 

 As you can see, I update this site.
  What about the emu ?
  I currently working on the Bios file. I need time to understand it.
  I would thanks the guys who send me some greats infos.

  You can read an interview of me here done by Ben-J of Consollection.
  Ah yes a new screenshots of the unrealeased version of nSX2 here.

  stay tuned...

NEW ! Site update : Technical documentation by muad le 10/09/2002 @ 09:00 

 Some people ask me , the nSX2 documentation. Here it is.

  It's all I have.
  But If someone has a document I don't have, please send me.

PS3 emulators

The PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 iSO filescan be copied and transferred to computer discs to allow practical storage. The iso discs are useful in case the original game disc has been damaged. Using the disc with the iso image, the game can be played in the actual Xbox console. People can download the Xbox games posted in the internet and convert them as iso files. This would allow people to enjoy the Xbox games on a Xbox360 emulator without spending too much money to buy original discs. 


NEW ! neutrinoSX2 v0.02 by muad le 09/09/2002 @ 09:00 

 No major changes, the purpose of this release is to propose a safe base to work.
  ( see README-NSX2.txt for more details )

  Added a new file : HOW_IT_WORKS.txt which explain how works this emu.


NEW ! Site update by muad le 02/09/2002 @ 09:00 

 First thanks to all people who writing me.
  I redo the site. Now it's more usable.
  A beos version is available here and the screenshots are here.
  (thanks bulln-bulln)
  Read the "about..." section for more info about this emu.